Welcome to my Blog !!!!

About the Blog

The blog is about the random thoughts that come to my mind about anything and everything. This blog is my baby which grows with every passing day. First it started with a few articles. Slowly it grew into poems and short stories as well. With time I engulfed my other hobbies i.e. travelling and cooking also into the blog 🙂

I hope you all like my blog posts 🙂

Happy Reading 🙂

About Me.

Hi!!!!!!  My name is Prajakta Pendharkar. I am a banker(ex) by profession. I love reading, writing, cooking, travelling, drawing and painting,swimming and trying new things.

I recently shifted to Prague. So with a change of country and change of lifestyle I have set on a journey of discovering myself again.

My love for writing goes way back to the time when I was in 12th standard. But I used to write only occasionally until starting my blog.

As I had lots of free time on my hand, I finally decided to delve into my love for writing on a regular basis and started my first ever blog 🙂

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