Vojanovy Sady (Vojan Garden) – The Hidden Park, Prague




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Prague is very well-known for its numerous magnificent parks. Be it a picnic spot, beer garden, amazing view points, relaxing by the lake side or hiking; the parks in Prague have it all.

The parks of Prague are in full hustle bustle all round the year, specially during summers. One of the favourite pastime for the locals in summers is soaking in the sun, relaxing and drinking beer in these parks. Many tourists also visit the parks in Prague.

One amongst these parks is VOJANOVY SADY. It is different from the other parks in Prague in multiple aspects. To begin with; it is the oldest park in Prague. Albeit being a park, it is secluded. It is also known as the hidden park because it has only one entrance. Usually all the parks in Prague have multiple entrances and they are easy to locate and access. But Vojanovy Sady is the complete opposite. It is fully surrounded by inaccessible side of residential buildings and high rising walls. The entrance to the park is just an archway which is very easy to miss. It’s also a hotspot for bird watchers.

How to Reach

The park is located in Mala Strana also known as the Lesser Town. It is very close to the famous Charles Bridge. As the park is close to city centre it is easily accessible by public transport.
The Tram and Metro stop closest to the park is Malostranska
Many tram go to Malostranska Tram Stop. Also, Metro A line (green Line) goes to Malostranska Metro station.
The park is at a walking distance from both the stops.


The entry to the park is Free.

Things to do

In spite of being close to the popular tourist destinations the park is very silent. Not many people visit the park. For some peace and calmness amidst the chaos of the city, Vojanovy Sady is the place to be.This is the major USP for the locals.




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But this is not the only thing. The park has a very unique feature to it. PEACOCKS. Peacocks roam about freely in the park. If you are lucky enough, you can even see a dancing peacock 🙂
It’s also possible to feed the peacocks. These peacocks are used to human presence. They will not go away. Specially the back side of the garden is an abode for peacocks. One can see them just sitting on the benches, building windows, garden and trees. They are so beautiful that it sometimes becomes difficult to leave the park.

The park is very beautiful. There are a lot of wonderful plants, beautiful benches to relax, lush green grass to lie down and read a book. It’s a perfect picnic spot for summers. Adults can enjoy a glass of wine or beer; kids can play around in the park, a picnic lunch, photographing the peacocks and feeding them… what else can one ask for on a picnic 🙂

It’s a must visit for a unique experience.

Photo Gallery




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