My colour is dark; not my Soul


For most part of my life, the complexion of my skin has never bothered me. I had always heard about racism and the change in perception on ones complexion. But this becomes quite obvious and evident when you are away from your homeland; in a foreign territory.

If we go by historical evidence, supremacy of white people over coloured people is a common thing. For example, in India, the British ruled for about 200 years. What pains the most is that this and many such examples from history are taken as an evidence that the coloured race is inferior.

These perceptions are evident today even in the modern world. People in the developed countries now look at coloured people as foreign intruders, who have come to rob them of their jobs. The situation gets even worse if you have a beard or you wear a turban,topi or taqiyah. Because, then you are close to being stereotyped as terrorists.

If you are a coloured person with a wheatish or a darker complexion; it is taken for granted that you were brought to this country as cheap labour force with less intellectual capacity. No country can absolve itself in this matter. Recent events in the world have shown this side more strongly to us.

Terrorism and its global reach has made this situation even worse. People may not say this, but whenever there is a terrorist attack; people start giving you a different look. You become part of the stereotyping and a social suspect in the eyes of the majority.

It amazes me to understand that the white race that credits itself for stepping on the moon and curing several diseases has not yet understood the basic doctrine. Complexion of my skin does not define my intellect or character. Similarly my being a muslim does not make me a terrorist.

When we get jobs elsewhere, we are not just cheap labour. We are equally qualified to do that job. We pay taxes and contribute to our host country’s economic growth, without being a burden on the social welfare.

The migrants come to the developed countries with a hope of making a life for themselves. But they also live under constant fear of discrimination. When a chid is born in this world; he or she does not chose where to be born. The colour of their skin is an attribute of their parents’ DNA and ethnicity. The fate of any person cannot be decided based on complexion.

The east was much superior than the west in science, mathematics, medicine, philosophy and literature, when most of Europe was in dark ages and the concept of America was not even born. We all are humans who follow different cultures and religions. But this should not determine our perceptions towards one another. It’s time to breed a new generation that matures around the thought “colour of the skin does not reflect the colour of one’s soul.”




33 thoughts on “My colour is dark; not my Soul

  1. I agree, that color of skin, religion or place of birth means nothing. It’s who we are as humans, the things we do, how we help better the world, those are things that matter. We are all physically the same. My skin is white but it doesn’t mean I think I’m better than anyone else, I’m not. Live and let live πŸ’–

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  2. There are many differentiators in this so called well cultured world.. when it is built into some minds, we can’t do anything.. well, I am an Indian, though I would like to believe myself as a part of a global family.

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