Barcelona in a Nutshell

In December 2016, I got the opportunity of visiting Barcelona. And as is the case with probably every other european city; Barcelona has it’s own charm. It has a lot to offer for all types of tourists.

My husband and I were in Barcelona for around four days. It was sufficient time for us to cover whatever we wanted to see.

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Gaudi’s Barcelona

Here is my view regarding some aspects of the city

The churches-My husband and I have been educated in convent schools ; so we are kind of fascinated by Catholisim. And for those of you who like churches, Barcelona is one of the best places to be. Such beautiful and intricate architecture, humongous buildings, beautiful altars and what not. We were mesmerised by the Cathedral and La Sagrada Familia.

The beaches – what to say. Even though it was winter and there were no beach activities.. still looking at the beautiful blue water is such a pleasure. It was my first opportunity of exploring a european coast and I must say, I loved every bit of it.

The people – We found the Spanish people very warm and welcoming. We had good experiences with the locals.
Specialy for the people from the countries in Indian Subcontinent or islamic countires – You can comfortably wear your traditional clothes when on a visit to Barcelona. You will not get those wierd stares. We saw many ladies wearing burkas and salwaar kameez.

Transport system – The public transport systen of Barcelona is really good. We had taken a four day pass and it had costed 28 Euros per person. There are many hop on hop off services as well. There is also a barceloan pass/card which includes hop on hop off and free entry to some monuments/museums. If you are driving your own vehicle, you will find huge underground parking places near all important/commercial areas.

Weather – Spain is warmer as compared to othe countries in the north- eastern part of Europe. Barcelona is very windy during winters. So don’t trust the temperature scales. Even if the temperature are in double digit, it will be very cold because of the wind. So if travelling in winters carry enough warm clothes.

Shopping – You will find almost all brands in Barcelona. Most importantly you will find a lot of colourful clothing as well. It’s a positive for me, the place where I am residing presently, we don’t get a lot of colourful and vibrant clothes on shops and shopping malls. As I visited close to christmas; I found many small small things in the Christmas market as well.

Night life – My husband and I don’t visit clubs when we are travelling, because we both can’t compromise on our sleep. We were staying near La Rambla ; and there used to be a lot of huslse busstle till quite late in the night. So I am assuming the Barcelona night life is happening.

Food – We really liked spanish food. I have taken a very keen fondness for Paella (which is a rice dish) and the spanish omlette. For vegetarians there is very little to try in the authentic spanish quisine. But one can find vegetarian food easily in Barcelona. Even the spanish Churros and chocolate is a must try. The spanish people are in a habit of having dinner in the later hours of the night. So finding dinner before 8:00 PM can sometimes be difficult.

Enrty Tickets – I personally felt that the entry tickets to many monuments were costly in Barcelona. I have been to a few other places in the schengen zone and I found the entry tickets to monuments there cheaper as compared to Barcelona.

For me there were more pros than cons and if I am supoosed to say in a nutshell- I liked the city



13 thoughts on “Barcelona in a Nutshell

    1. Thank you for reading the post 🙂
      I did not find consistency in the tapas across barcelona; specially the vegetarian options. But the paella was mostly good at all places.


    1. I am also a beach lover…. ya I know I have not been a active lately on WP due to a bit of a time crunch. Hopefully coming month everything will be sorted out 🙂


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