That Tiny Little Voice


What happens when…

-You reach out for that extra piece of a cake
– You ditch your studies for TV
– You lie to your parents and go out with your boyfriend/girlfriend
– You fake illness to bunk office
– you have that n+1 th drink
– you fall for that typical bad guy/girl
– you commit a crime

A small voice pops out of your brain shouting “STOP!!! STOP!!!!”

And what do we do…….
Sometimes listen to it and sometimes ignore it .

That tiny little voice is our Conscience.


Conscience is that part of our mind which makes us aware of our actions. It guides us about being morally right or wrong. So when we are morally right, the voice is a pure laughter full of satisfaction. When we are morally wrong, conscience is a frantic call for us to stop.

I strongly feel that a person’s conscience keeps evolving/ changing continuously. It is a result of his/her family values, upbringing, friends, surroundings, experiences, atmosphere and religion. So does that mean a person born in a not so good family, surrounded by bad company has a bad conscience. Not necessarily so. Because, most importantly our conscience is shaped by our actions.

I feel our core conscience is never corrupt. I believe that our core conscience is the God that resides within us. It is a connection between our inner soul and God. So how can it ever be wrong.


To begin with every person has a pure conscience. But the way we chose to deal with it makes us the person we are. If we constantly keep going against that tiny little voice, it gradually turns into silence. And when that happens our soul is lost forever.



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