Happy Everyday


What is happiness????

Well there can’t be one definite or concrete answer for the aforesaid question.
For some people it is family, for some it is love. For some it is in the moment, for some it is in the memories. At times it is success, at others it is sacrifice. Happiness can be found in big things as well as strong

Happiness has many faces but one thing is common. Happiness is a state of mind. Anything that fills the heart with joy and brings smile on our faces is happiness.

I think we procrastinate happiness quite often. We often reserve it for birthdays, anniversaries, and some special assigned days like valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day and so on….. Do we really require such tags to define happiness and value of people and things in our lives. Can’t we be happy always. Afterall happiness resides within us. It is an approach to life.

Since a last few days my mantra is “Happy Everyday”. It did not require me to go through a bunch of motivational or self-help groups or listen to some amazing people. “Happy Everyday” was just a banner in a shopping mall that I come across daily. And guess what, it did the trick.Of course it was meant to be some promtional gimmick but it did me a lot of good πŸ™‚

When I read “Happy Everyday ” for the first time, I thought,”Why not? Lets give it try.”
So now I try to be as much happy as possible. Of course there are days when something goes wrong, there are days when I am ill, there are days when there is no sunshine or I am grumpy just like that. But because my new mantra of “Happy Everyday” constantly keeps playing n my mind, I now usually come over all the negative and sad feelings real quick. It’s like in a moment I am sad, then I try to remember something good that has happened in the past or in the day so far and I am happy again. It’s so strange that sometimes small insignificant things leave such an impact on our souls.

Earlier I used to think, that some people are lucky that they can always be happy. But it appears that is not the case. Because of my recent efforts to be happy I have realized that being happy and staying happy is a conscious effort that one has to make. Of course there will always be people who are more fortunate than you, but there will also be many who are less fortunate. if they can be happy then why not you.

Every person has his/her fair share of troubles. But to constantly brood over them or to stay happy is in our hands.

After all it is indeed “Happy Everyday”. Every new day means we get to live and experience life one more day. How can that be bad. πŸ™‚



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