Snow Snow Everywhere


Ever since I moved to Prague , I was most excited about one thing. Snowfall!!!! Yipee!!!. Β I had seen snow before but had never experience a real snowfall. The only snowflakes I had ever seen were for about 5-7 seconds at Jungfrau in Switzerland. So this move was my golden chance for a thing that I have been longing to experience.

I am a controversy in myself when it comes to seasons. I am born in July but I hate he rainy season. I have a good threshold to bear heat but i don’t like summers either. I am one amongst those people who feel very cold and are terrible in winter; so much so that in spite of the heating inside my apartment, I still wear a sweater. But still winter is my favourite season and I am simply in love with winter clothing.

I shifted to Prague in the summer of 2016. Since then I had been eagerly waiting for snowfall of the year. Twice it so happened, that it snowed in the night and I could not have my fair share of excitement. So finally after waiting for just a little over seven months the day finally arrived.

The first gift that God gave me in this new year was my first ever snowfall πŸ™‚ :-).
It snowed for around 5 hours yesterday, and that too in broad daylight. So basically from 11:00 am till 3:00 pm , I was doing nothing but watching the snow. I was practically glued to the window all the time.

I felt like a small kid who had gone to an amusement park for the first time. Like a super excited jumping jack, IΒ was moving around the house, watching the snow from every window and every angle possible, taking pictures and making videos.

Snow is simply beautiful. The purity of the white snow enhances the beauty of the surrounding. My small neighbourhood which was actually looking a bit dull post autumn had a white glow to it. I think snow can make anything look beautiful and enchanted. Even the leafless trees look gorgeous with their barren branches covered with snow. I don’t like the cloudy and dull winter weather here. It’s kind of depressing. But when it snows, there is a different energy and excitement in the atmosphere.


From the window of my house I was watching the people on the street. In spite of sub-zero temperatures, people seemed to be enjoying the snow. Many people had come out to walk their dogs. Many parents had brought their little children to play in the snow. Everybody seemed to be having a fun time. I so wanted to go out and play in the snow, but alas!!!! I was down with severe cold and cough. I could not bring myself up to it initially. But gradually the small “me devil” inside my head took over and before I knew it I was out in the snow.

Psst!!! don’t tell this to my husband. He will be frantic.Β After all he is the poor guy who has to bear all my cough and cold tantrums and my on the edge temper.

So after much deliberation I was out in the snow. I stayed out for about half an hour and it was an amazing experience. Walking on the snow, accidentally skidding, trying to chase the snow flakes, trying to hold the snow flakes, picking up snow and making balls; everything was so very good πŸ™‚ . Even with my bad health, I could not help but smile and smile all the time.

I felt like Snow White wandering around in the beautiful nature but of course without her seven dwarfs and the price charming . My prince charming was slogging in his office 😦 😦

Now I am back inside sneezing uncontrollably; covered in a blanket, sipping a hot beverage and writing this post and hoping that my hubby dear will not find out about my digression.. Achhhiiii!!!! Β May God bless me !!!

I know my logic went for a toss, when the child in me took over. But, the experience was worth it. I don’t mind sneezing and coughing an extra day if I get to experience and enjoy something so pure, serene and mesmerizing.:-) πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Snow Snow Everywhere

  1. hahahah “Psst!!! don’t tell this to my husband. He will be frantic. After all he is the poor guy who has to bear all my cough and cold tantrums and my on the edge temper.” no we won’t as u urself did if he reads ur blog.

    Loved reading it.. I also got a chance of experiencing the snow fall once in my life-time and it was INCREDIBLE..should I say heavenly.. literally rolling in the snow.. in my T-Shirt and trousers.. what I had worn was the only boots guess which made me stay safe… heheheh, but it was awesome.. Thank you for getting me back those memories.

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