Let Bygones be Bygones


As a new year is about to start many have the habit of reflecting on the past year. It often happens that we become sad while reflecting on the past times because they did not go according to our whims and fancies. So wrote a little something regarding the same


As the year comes to an end
We reflect on the past and reminiscent
There were times both good and bad
Moments both happy and sad
Forget the sadness and cherish the joy
Let bygones be bygones

Take a leaf from the previous year
Learn from your mistakes
Be delighted in your achievements
Look ahead at the immense opportunities
Dont resent your past
Let bygones be bygones

It’s a new year, a new day
Let us start afresh
Make new realistic and fulfilling resolutions
Accomplish them with dignity and valor
Don’t let the past failures affect your stride
And don’t let the precious time ahead slide
Let bygones be bygones



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