Favourite Number


A few days back I got a notification that my blog had received 1337 Likes. In spite of my elated state of mind I was wondering why such an odd number should make it to the notifications. So after googling for some time I found out that in the world of internet 1337 means “LEET” which is a short for elite.

So!!!! Thank you all … my dear blogger friends for including me in the elite list 🙂

Anyways… so moving forward… seeing this strange number got me thinking. Unconsciously as well, numbers play an important role in our lives…I think!!!

Do you all have a favourite number ?? When asked to think of a number, is it always the same number? Well !! I do have favourites. And surprisingly it’s not my birth day or that of any of my loved ones or any special day. I am kind of attracted to even numbers. My favourite number is 2. Whenever I am asked to choose a number I always go with 2.

I had never thought about it earlier. Pondering on it now, I think my choice reflects my comfort zone. I am basically a very shy person and refrain as much as possible from taking a lead. And it’s not at all for the fear of failure. Going second does not guarantee success either. But if anybody does a thing before me, I am more than happy to follow the lead. But that does not mean I don’t like winning. I just don’t like initiating. I guess the proactive cells of my body love sleeping more than staying active.

After spending some more time on Google, I also found out that many experiments are conducted on favourite numbers, and apparently there is a universal favourite as well. It is the number 7 as it stands out. So can we say that many people choose number 7 because they want to be unique, or they choose it because they believe it is a lucky number. Several studies have been conducted which show then when we are asked to choose a random number, the process in not at all random in our brains. A lot of logic is applied by our brains in choosing a random number. See!!! and some people think activities like these are futile 😉 It is also found out that when asked to choose a number, majority of the people choose a number between 1 and 10. With the concept of Numerology trending, it has become very common to associate number choices with personality traits. A search of “Favourite number and personality” will provide ‘n’ number of quizzes to gauge one’s personality based on one’s favourite number.

Enough blabbering from me. What about you ? Do such things happen to you guys as well? Do you choose numbers according to your habits or according to your nature or your personality ??

Please share. It would be a fun interaction 🙂
I would love to know about your favourite number and the reason for choosing it.


25 thoughts on “Favourite Number

      1. Haha, shukriya shukriya… 😊
        Though I love no, 9 and I think no. 7 has lots of mysteries behind it, 3 appears like something magical (like three fairies, three witches) 6 is like everything in balance. 0 is cool… haha


  1. My favorite number has always been 7 so I never have to think about it. Why did it become my favourite number and when? I have no idea. I can take myself as a calm and wise (who wouldn’t want to call themselves wise 😀 ) but I am not an impatient person and stay away from criticising. Proactive cells of the body to be sleeping, I am with you on this and I guess this makes us patient.
    One observation – I shared your post on twitter and it did not include your twitter handle. Aligning your twitter sharing link with your twitter handle will be helpful 🙂

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  2. That’s a good one. And I am one of those whose “lucky” number is 7 and 4. I don’t know whether it works 😛 But because 7 sounds so nice and complete, I have made it into my favorite number as well!

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