Bear and please do not forget

Hello friends….

I hope you all are doing well. I am busy as hell for the next few days and would be doing only the quotes/award nomination posts as they require less time…

Until then bear with me and do not forget me….

Happy blogging !!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Bear and please do not forget

  1. Hey prajakta…..don’t mind….can I tell you….. Quotes is ok….. But what is award nomination…..just creating awards and passing from here to there like a spam, makes no sense, especially when there is no committee, jury, blog selection process……and after nomination the is anyways a award giving process…… What you feel on this ?

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    1. I have been writing for a long time now.. but there was no one to appreciate my work or even show a little interest in it (i.e. of course before my husband came into my life 🙂 ).. I started writing a blog to push myself to make it a continuous process. For me these nominations are like appreciation of my work… and that somebody feels that at least my work is worthy of a mention. Trust me it means a great deal.. when you have not had such encouragement in the past.. That is all… it’s not about an actual award on anything for me. It just makes me happy… as the number of views or the number of likes on my blog do…

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      1. Can understand….but then Offcou your husband has to show interest, else he would had it 😜😜😜😜😜😜…..jokes apart… even i get so many of them…..I just thank that Person in reply and ignore the rest…..But then if this makes you happy then nothing like that…… But then the real recognition would be something like a process of selection, nominations, jury and the actual award…..don’t get me wrong….. Here it’s just passing the ball….. Makes no sense….. And don’t think that people who pass the award recognize you or appreciate your work…… That means then to appreciate your work, instead of hitting like next time I have to create a Steve’s award of recognition for people like you…….anyways don’t think all that and don’t get caught up in this passing passing thing…..at least I recognize you and acknowledge your work by hitting the like below your post 😊😊

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