As America Decided


When it all started last year, nobody could have anticipated the result that we had on 8th November 2016. Early last year, it was all about Jeb bush and Hillary Clinton, but what came out, was by far unexpected. I was eagerly waiting for the day when US citizens would choose their president. For a person who had been closely following every presidential election since 2008, this was nothing but the culmination of highly vitriolic and angry campaign in the modern history of US presidential politics. But the question that I had in my mind was, would US join the club and elect its first woman president? As it turned out, they decided not to.

When the counting started and projections started coming, it seemed to be going as per the script for Clinton. She was leading in battleground state of Florida, she was projected to be the winner for most of the North-eastern states. At one point, it seemed that Florida was getting away from Trump and it would be difficult for him to take the White House, but that is when the script changed.

Florida started moving back and forth between both candidates. North Carolina got tight for Clinton and when it was already getting tough, safe states like Michigan and Wisconsin started wobbling for democrats. Trump started doing better in counties which were not traditionally republican and once he started getting ahead, he maintained the lead in battleground states.

At one point, there were 12 states which were ‘Too close to call’. The leads were moving from one side to other. It was like a highly exciting sports event which was promising to be a ‘nail biter’. The excitement then turned into the big surprise when Trump took Florida. From that point it was clear, tables had turned. What had started as an impossible path for Trump, became the fight for survival for Clinton. That is when destiny started to write the final chapter of this race.

Trump took North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio and Iowa. He then took Utah and Pennsylvania and started to bring down the curtains. He leapt up to 257 delegates compared to 215 that Clinton had. With Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan not going her way, it seemed obvious that it was getting all Over.

Clinton’s campaign manager came and addressed the supporters, saying that she was still in the race and they should all go home. You could easily see that there were criticism in the media about her not conceding to Trump. Nobody knew what was coming. At 03:00 am on 9th November 2016, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump and conceded the race.

The United States of America had spoken. The race to the White House was over, the wait for a woman to be elected as the President of The United States still continues.


11 thoughts on “As America Decided

  1. I’m neither a Trump nor Hillary supporter. I think a great leader should also be a great role model and neither portray that. However, I did think Hillary was going to win and I am shocked, as are many others, by the outcome. There are many people so enraged with the results, understandably so, and I think if Hillary were elected people would also be upset, but perhaps not to the extent. I think a lot of people don’t understand exactly the extent of what the emails meant and what happened in Benghazi and pay to play with the Clinton Foundation. I don’t think people properly educate themselves on all matters, but rather educate themselves biased based on their party preferences. I, however, don’t consider myself to be a part of any part. Anyways, while regardless of the results doesn’t leave me excited, I am optimistic. I think having an optimistic attitude is better than a negative one. Our president controls and government controls certain aspects of our lives, but we control our individual happiness and our attitudes and that’s what we should focus on.

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    1. I also thought that Hilary was going to win. I don’t live in US, so i cannot know of the real problems faced by the citizens there. But on the outside.. Clinton was looking the better candidate


      1. Neither of them looked like good candidates. While Hillary outwardly presented herself better, she was investigated by the FBI, has a corrupt foundation, and got people killed in Benghazi, Donald Trump on the other hand is allegedly committed sexual assault, is a racist and sexist, and definitely not a good role model. I’m not sure how America came to the conclusion to pick either candidate, but I’m hoping that somehow it turns around in our favor. I’m trying to be optimistic.


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