You and Me


The first time I met you
I was attracted to you
A force pushed me
To know more about you

Whenever our eyes met
I knew I was blushing
But seeing you like me
I knew we had something

Soon we started talking
And became good friends
And as time passed we became much more

We laughed we cried
We fought we lied
We talked, and there was silence
There were ups and downs
As our relationship transcend

I was notΒ the prettiest of all
But you made me feel beautiful
You brought me courage
When I was weak
You had faith in me
When even I could not trust myself

In almost all the situations
I am north, you are south
One of us is impatient, one is not
One is short-tempered, one is cool
One is restless, the other is relaxed
One is courageous, the other is not
One is a leader, the other is the follower

We are not perfect
But we perfectly compliment each other
You and me are incomplete
Without each other
And that is why we belong together


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