Curly Hair Troubles


Yesterday I washed my hair. After I was done, bringing them to a bearable point (i.e drying them, combing them, flattening them.. all this without any appliances or products), I realised that more than 2 hours were gone. Two hours just for handling your own hair. Phew!!! That’s too much. And the next thought that came to my mind was,”Thank God !! They are not as curly as before.”

I am sure many of the girls having curly hair must be sharing my point of view. So I decided to write a post related to Curly Hair Troubles.

The glossy shiny curls look so glam on television. But the reality is totally different. Ask girls with curly hair. How they wish that they could have straight hair !! even if it is just for one day.

There are certain things which only girls with curly hair can understand.

General Texture is not Smooth : Curly hair are not smooth and shiny in texture. Their original texture is rough. They originally don’t have a shine in them. Forget about smooth and silky.

Every day is a bad hair day:– With curls there is no specific bad hair day Everyday is the same. No matter how much time we take to comb our hair, they remain in order only for a few minutes. After that they are all entangled and shabby. No matter what we try they will not remain in place.


Your nickname in school is Maggi: We all give nicknames to each other in school. But with these curls, the first obvious option is Maggi and we can’t help it. It becomes our default name.

Drying hair is a whole day task: Curly hair don’t dry quickly. Sometimes, specially during winters or in the rainy season, they might take more than half a day to dry up.

Hair wash day is the worst: For other hair textures hair wash means smooth silky hair. But not for curly hair. When we comb our hair after they have dried, they look a huge entangled mass with air filled in it. The volume doubles and they become even more difficult to manage.


Combing hair after wash is a painful task : Imagine unfolding multiple knots with just one instrumentΒ – a comb. That is the situation when we try to comb shampooed curly hair after they are dry. It is painful for both, our hair and our hands.


Broken combs and brushes are countless :– Even the teeth of combs and brushes surrender before curls. They are even more powerful than plastic or whatever material these brushes are made of. I myself remember breaking at least 6 combs.

Bangs are a big no-no: No matter how dearly we want to keep bangs, but with curly hair it’s just not possible. Even if we get them, they will just last for one day. From the next day it will again be the same old curly affair and the bangs being short in length will become more difficult to manage.

Sleeping in the night with untied hair: Not possible. Otherwise be prepared to spend at least 15-20 minutes just on hair. They are so disheveled that they look just like a damaged nest. One can easily hide things in them. Losing hair pins in the hair and then spending time in finding them is a very common task. Once my earring got stuck in them and it took me about 5-7 Β minutes to actually take it out of my hair.


Need for a constant stock of hair bands : While trying to open the pony tail, the hair band gets stuck in the hair every time. Either the bands will break or their elasticity will be gone to quickly.

Very less hair cut/ hair style options : No matter how much research you do going before going to a Salon, we end up choosing from just 2-3 hairstyles which we think can suit our hair. But again after the stylists have performed their magic, it’s the same old story from the very next day or after the first hair wash post the styling. Every time I decide trying a new hairstyle, but I end up getting a step cut or a U cut because I know they are the safest options

Always ready to spoil the mood : We have all seen those romantic scenes, where the hero is either running his hands through the heroin’s hair or tugging a strand of loose hair behind her hair. It looks so romantic on TV but that’s not possible in case of curls. It’s either some romantic moments with your partner or his hands in your hair struggling to be freed. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

Costly to maintain : I think the hair straightening products, or gels , sprays, shampoos for curly hair come in costly as compared to other hair products.

Inspite of listing so many cons, I still love my hair. They are a part of my identity.

I think they make us look different and stand out in a crowd. One of the best parts about curly hair is that they look dense. So even if the hair are thin, they look thick and nicely dense.


31 thoughts on “Curly Hair Troubles

  1. God has created human at the best among all creatures.all we need to do is pray for good health and spirit.I understood the effort you are taking for managing your hair.may be that curly hair is what makes you’s natural and long lasting☺☺

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  2. Nice post, I have very Curly hair so I know what are you talking about it’s very expensive to keep your curls moisture. My husband love my curls and I do too but it’s work every single day actually I just did a post on hair products, you should check it out….

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  3. Also, I just posted about curly hair care if you have time to check it out! Maybe it’ll reduce your time spent on your hair routine! ☺

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