Aunty – Post Marriage Title for Indian Women


This is a serious post and has no pun intended  😉  😛

This happened with me a few days back…

I was browsing through Facebook. A young college fellow; one amongst my close acquaintance had won something and posted it on Facebook. So I congratulated him. I got the reply,”Thank you Atya”. For those of you who don’t know marathi, Atya is Bua/Aunty. Earlier, before my marriage he used to call me Tai (elder sister). I wondered what is wrong with him. I also noticed that my brother had also commented on this particular post and had got the reply ,”Thank You Dada”. Dada is elder brother in Marathi.And let me tell you, the age difference between me and my brother is only two years After seeing this I kept staring at the screen for quite sometime. I was rather amused.

I am sure many of you might have experienced the same at some point or the other. It’s as if post marriage we age over 15-20 years in just one day. In a single day we become bhabhi ji and aunty ji from didi and bitiya/beta.

Men don’t become uncle ji.. So why only us???

Ok!!we have a responsibility. But what has it got to do with age. In spite of the responsibilities women always remain young girls at heart ready to be pampered and wooed by their loved ones.


34 thoughts on “Aunty – Post Marriage Title for Indian Women

  1. I hate that “Aunty” word. Just after you get married, you get branded as “Aunty”, even if the age gap is just 5 years !! How disgusting.
    That’s why in other countries, children address their parents and elders by name itself.
    You should reply back to the person who uses these “Age Labels for Only Women”, and say Thank You Uncleji or Thank You Baba.

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  2. I am recollecting the song Aunty ji Aunty ji get up and dance😅😅.next time when some body calls you aunty show them with some nice moves and make them realise you are fully charged.☺Trust me this will work👍👍

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  3. One of the shopkeepers called me aunty because he saw me wearing a suit dupatta and sindoor . I asked him how old he was..10 years older to me. I slapped him so hard that day , he won’t say aunty to anyone again

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