Half Empty or Half Full


Half empty or half full is an important question
Which helps us decide
How we chose to live our lives

Be positive, be optimistic, is what everybody suggests
And without thinking much we follow in the footsteps
But shouldn’t this positivity come from inside
Because it is where the Almighty resides

Though sometimes in life, it is difficult to think positive
But it is the actual test of our perspective
Life is full of ups and downs
Looking at the bright side is difficult to discount

Remember that after every night there is a day
Never stop trying because there is always a way
Every problem brings along with it an opportunity
Always work hard with full positivity

Be like the river which has to succumb to deep falls
So that it can meet the ocean, its ultimate fate after all
Even the sun has to go down for a new dawn
A phoenix burns to ashes to be reborn

Always stay positive
And let your strengths rule
Because a glass half empty is also half full


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