After exactly 45 days reached my first destination on my journey of blogging. 100 FOLLOWERS!!! Yay!!!

When I had started this blog, I was not at all sure how long I would last. I had given myself a target of 50 followers on four months. I had thought that if I cannot even get that many people to read my posts then I need to work upon my skills first.

This century has given me a boost to pursue my blog with more valor. This number is also very special because it is my first attempt to write something on a public forum. There can be no grater pleasure when people whom you don’t know associate with you because of your work. This is the world of blogging

I would like to thank all the wonderful bloggers who take out some moments from their precious time, read my posts and give constructive feedback. This journey was not possible without you all. I would of course need you all by my side throughout this beautiful journey .

A heartfelt thanks to all of you.




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