Long Distance Relationships depend on US


Ved and Divya were school time sweethearts. Both of them had completed their educations and were now pursuing their respective careers. Both the families had consented for their match and they were about to be married anytime soon.

But it’s a love story so how can things go smoothly. Ved got an assignment for 2 year in Switzerland. It was a make or break opportunity for his career. Divya was in a managerial position in a government organization and did not want to leave her job.

So, they both decided that they would give time to their careers and get married after 2 years. It was very hard to pursue their families but ultimately they convinced their families as well.

This was not the end of the problem. This was rather the beginning. Forget living in the same city.. they would not even be living on the same continent for the next two years.

Ved got busy in Switzerland and Divya with her work in Mumbai. Some time passed while they both were adjusting to their present positions. Everyday they told themselves that it was all for their own good and they will manage it.

As time passed by problems started surfacing up. Mostly during the weekdays they could not talk to each other. So the only time left was weekends. They both waited eagerly for weekends. They used to talk to each other the whole day on weekends. But gradually the duration of their weekend chats started reducing . Some times Ved had to go play tennis, travel, hang out with friends and sometimes Divya was busy. Neither of them was ready to make changes in their respective schedules. Their respective lives had somehow become more important for them. Even more important than getting some time with each other.

They both knew that they loved each other and could not live without each other. But they also knew that they were drifting apart. It was not because they had found somebody else or the spark was gone . It was just because they could not spend sufficient time with each other.

These situations happen with many people. No relationship is complete without communication. When you cannot communicate freely with you partner it becomes difficult to sustain a relationship.

But in the hindsight, who as actually responsible. Is it always correct to blame the circumstances. In our story Ved and Divya had themselves chosen this path. They knew it would be difficult. They had been together for more than 8 years now. Their relationship had tested all the tidal waters. So how could they give up on each other so easily now.

When they were together, they tried to spend as much time together. Why couldn’t they do the same now. When individuality takes over the “US” in the relationship , that is when problems start occurring. Distances are not always responsible for them. It’s sometime our choices and priorities.

“True love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.”


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