Religion is not “My way or the Highway”


We all might have heard the story of the six blind men and the elephant. It goes like this…

Once upon a time, there lived six blind men in a village. One day an elephant came to their village. As they had never seen an elephant, they decided , “Even though we cannot see an elephant, at least let us go and feel it.”
So all of them went near the elephant and touched him.
First blind man said,”It is just like a pillar.”. He had touched the leg of the elephant.
“It is like a big fan”, said the second blind man touching the elephant’s ear.
“I think it is like a bark of the tree”, said the third one touching the trunk of the elephant.
The fourth blind man touched the tail of the elephant and said,” it is like a rope.”
The fifth man said,” it is like a hard pipe”. He had felt the elephant’s tusk.
The sixth man touched the elephant’s stomach and said, ” it is like a wall”

These six blind men had touched different parts of the elephant and had different opinions. They thought what they knew was the only correct thing and they began to argue over it. It never occurred to anyone of them that all their opinions could collectively co-exist and an elephant could be a combination of what each one of them had observed.

This is exactly how the religious beliefs are tackled in this world. Religion is a very sensitive issue. Many people think that their beliefs are the ones which are correct. Everything else is wrong.

Whether it is monotheism or polytheism, the teachings of all the religions are the same. The purpose of every religion is the same, even though the ways and methods may be different.

It’s high time that the world understands religion is not my way or the high way. Fighting over religion is worthless. What is important is the peaceful co-existence of different religions. Because the ultimate purpose of every religion is self enlightenment and not war and blood shed.


18 thoughts on “Religion is not “My way or the Highway”

  1. Wow…
    M actually enjoying reading your posts ..lucky me to have discovered your blog..the way you weaved in the elephant story and religion is simply awesome..way to go..

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  2. Just love the way you describe the soul and reality about religious belief by simply describing the buety of an elephant.infact we are all blind when it comes to religious belief,spread love and peace ,that’s all what we need.

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