Down the Memory Lane- Into my Slam Book


While going through some old stuff, I found my slam book from my school and college days. Slam books are those pretty little books with questions in them which are meant to be answered with sincerity by your friends. Does it ring any similar bells !!!

I remember that back then owning a slam book was some crazy stuff and especially girls were very much into it. It used to be a thing of pride if somebody asked you to fill their slam book. It was also very shameful if somebody refused to fill yours.

While going through my slam book, a wave of nostalgia swept me. I was reminded of the time when I used to ask all my friends to fill my slam book and pour their hearts into it. I felt that even though all of my friends would go their separate ways, this is what will remain of them. Thankfully with technology, it is easier to get in touch with one another now.

The book also reminded me of how some girls desperately wanted their crush/crushes to fill their slam books. This way they have something to remember, as they could never muster the strength to talk to them.

There used to be many questions but the most dreaded ones were :
1. Your best Friends:- everyone would always want their names there.                                         2. Your first Love/Crush :- That was a tricky one.                                                                                3. Your Opinion about Me:- everyone wished that something good and amazing should be written for them in here.

What striked me the most after seeing my slam book was, that as children or teenagers in school and college we were so naive and innocent. We could find happiness in such small things.

As kids we are so kind, gentle and accommodating. Many of us change on facing the harsh realities of life. The innocence is replaced by practicality. The kindness is replaced by selfishness.

I so wish that I could get something of me from that slam book back.


5 thoughts on “Down the Memory Lane- Into my Slam Book

  1. Praja, in my life even as old as I am i think daily of being a child when it comes to my relationship with God, I listen to his spirit, I learn something new all the time, and I am in need of his grace, love and inspiration every day. I love him more than anyone, any parent…and I know I need him to survive. You are a precious gem, and God will always walk with you and guide you always! Hugs and blessings my sister!

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