Short Story #1


Priya reached early to the airport to receive her husband. While waiting for the flight’s arrival she started thinking about her life, her marriage and her kids. She saw that people had started coming out and knew that her husband’s flight had landed. She started searching for her husband in the crowd.

It was then that she saw him. Her heart skipped a beat. All her past came rushing to her in that second. Sameer was standing at one corner talking on the mobile. She remembered the first time she had seen him. He still looked quite the same and gorgeous as ever. Priya wondered how could he still have this effect on her even though so much time has passed.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and that very moment she came back to the present. Sameer had seen Priya and was now standing beside her. He had that same intense look in his eyes.

Priya couldn’t control herself and she started crying. Without thinking she hugged him tightly and everything was like it was before. Sameer was a little shocked but he still pacified her lovingly.

Through her sobs she said,” I missed you. Don’t ever leave me and the kids for so long again.”
He said,”I missed you and the kids too wifey darling”

“When there is love in a relation, it feels the same always. The spark that was there in the beginning  remains ignited forever”


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