My idea of Socializing

Human being is a social animal and socialization is a very important process in his life. Some people like to socialize in big groups and some in smaller circles.

My idea of socializing is not just talking or meeting people. It’s about spending quality time with them. Instead of going out for movies, going to pubs or clubs or dining out, I would prefer to invite family and friends over to my home. Of course this means a lot of work for the housemates but I still think it’s worth it. And who says I have to cook. I can always order food .
I think our homes provide a free atmosphere for socializing. There are lesser distractions, less disturbance and conversations are better. We are able to pay better attention to one another. the boundary of time does not exist.
Eating a meal together, followed by a movie or a board game, having friends and family for sleep over, those endless conversations, chatters and laughs; all of it is just amazing. For me there can be no better way of socializing.


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