Certain Myths about Plus-Size


Many a time when we don’t know about things. We treat our ignorance as the ultimate knowledge. The same applies the plus sized folks. Here, I am not using the word fat/obese,  because I think it is rather offensive.
People have pre – conceived notions about plus size which are not always true . They are just myths that have come down a long way in time.
Here are some myths about plus size folks:-
1. Plus size people are dull and boring: People consider plus size folks to be dull and boring. They are not considered to be fun. That’s actually not true. Plus size people are very warm and good-hearted. It’s fun when they are around. Because of body shaming they don’t have a natural place in the society. They have to work hard to get acceptance by the society and that is what makes them so jovial and amiable. It makes them more interesting as compared to many others, because they have to cultivate certain traits to form social circles. people are very judgemental about them. Hence, they are afraid of revealing their talents.
2. Plus size is a result of over-eating: Plus size is not always a result of over-eating. There are certain other causes like- genetics, stress, hypo-thyroid, insulin resistance, PCOS, weak metabolism, certain psychological factors, reaction of medicines etc. The percentage of plus size people is on increase nowadays mainly due to the strenuous lifestyles we are going through. In fact many plus sized folks have a small diet. The so-called naturally blessed skinny people have a bigger diet than many the plus size folks.
3. Unhealthy eating habits: It is considered the plus size is an attribute of un-healthy eating habits. That’s not always true.Many plus size people usually take a balanced diet unless their target is to put on more weight. They know there bodies better and in order to remain healthy they eat accordingly.
4. Food is the only thing that matters: It is construed that plus size people live only for food. It’s not so. We all love food and have food cravings. Why is it so bad when the plus size people have them too. It does not mean that they have no other interests in life.
5.Plus sized people are inactive: Many women gain a lot of weight after pregnancy. But do they sit around idle. No. Many of the top choreographers in Bollywood are plus size. You hit the gym and you will see many plus sized people working out. They go swimming, trekking, walking , cycle, aerobics, dancing and what not. They do all sorts of activities that the skinny people do. I have personally seen plus sized people doing amazing workouts in gym. Some plus size people are more active than some skinny people.
6. Plus sized people are not good-looking: Because we are living in a materialistic world, the outer beauty is of utmost important. And because plus size does not fit the general societal form, it is not beautiful.Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. So how can a generalisation ever be made in this aspect. Many plus size people are very cute. I have observed that plus sized people have beautiful smiles. We love chubby babies so why not chubby adults.
7. Plus sized people have no sense of fashion: plus size people wear baggy clothes not always because they are ashamed of themselves.It is because they fear the society. Earlier it was difficult to get fashionable plus size clothing in the market. Now fashion is readily available for the plus size as well. now more often we can see plus size people having an elegant fashion sense
8. Plus sized people don’t wish to lose weight: Imagine the efforts required by a person weighing 50 kgs to exercise. Now imagine the same for a person weighing 100 kgs. Of course it is difficult for the person weighing 100 kgs. But still the plus size folks keep trying. I have seen many plus sized people trying throughout their lives to lose weight. Weight loss in not only attributable to exercise and diet. There are certain factors mentioned above that hamper weight loss.
9. Plus sizes people cannot be good partners/spouses : Majority of the plus size people are very good at heart. They know how to give. Because they have been hurt throughout there lives by others, they know the importance of love, support and care. They can be the strong pillars in any relationship. They are not mean because they know the feeling of others being mean to you.
The plus size folks do not require pity , hate or body shaming from the society. They require encouragement and acceptance. They wanted equal treatment in society.


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